How did The Little Pho get its spice?

    The Little Pho came to London on a fishing trawler in the 70s. Everybody thought he was weird and tasteless. They pushed him away on the table with disapproval. One day, not so long ago, The Little Pho met a little girl from Vietnam.


This little girl felt sorry for him and offered to help him find his spice.


When the little girl's family heard about this, they started to prepare and send off the finest ingredients. Her family in Saigon, sent a special blend of herbs which only grow on the south side of their village.


The little girl toiled for many years to find the right spice for the Little Pho.


Inspired by the rich culture of this great city within this great country, the little girl eventually made The Little Pho great too. In a small town they set up shop next to a big cat, and Saigon Foods was born, bringing the incomparable flavours of Vietnam to the tables of South East London for all to enjoy.


Whether you want soup, noodles, rice or spice: Saigon Foods has it all...



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